About Us

About us

A Journey to Remember

Welcome to Dave’s Whales & Walks, where passion, expertise, and nature converge. Our story begins in the heart of Hermanus, South Africa, the whale-watching capital of the world.

But what sets us apart is not just our location; it’s the genuine connection we create with this incredible place and the magnificent creatures that grace its waters.

Explore Hermanus, the Whales' Playground

Creating Lifelong Memories, One Whale at a Time

Our Values

Respect, Education, Conservation, Wonder and Connection

Meet Dave De Beer: Our Expert Guide, Author, and Nature Enthusiast. Dave’s journey started when he moved to Hermanus in 2004 and discovered his love for the annual visitors to Walker Bay – the Southern Right Whales. With over a million photographs capturing their grace, Dave’s dedication to these gentle giants is unmatched. His decades of experience have made him the “Whale Whisperer” of Hermanus.

Our Vision

To be the gateway to a deeper connection with nature, where every step becomes a journey of discovery. We envision a world where the magic of whales and the wonder of our natural world are accessible to all, transcending age, background, and experience.

Through our expertise and passion, we strive to ignite a shared love for our oceans, fostering a community dedicated to preserving these magnificent creatures and the environments they call home

Our Mission

To immerse every soul in the timeless elegance of the ocean, awakening an unbreakable bond between humanity and the whales that grace our shores. With unwavering dedication, we commit to providing unparalleled land-based whale walking tours led by our expert, Dave De Beer.

Through education, respect, and awe-inspiring experiences, we aim to transform passive spectators into passionate stewards of the sea. Our mission is to empower every individual, from children to seniors, with the knowledge and passion to protect our oceans for generations to come.

How It Works

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